The importance of flexible working to support successful business

As a busy working Mom, I can now prioritise my work and family responsibilities thanks to Baxter’s Work/Life Balance policy. ‘Harmony in Life’ means I can juggle parental and work commitments thanks to Baxter’s flexible working hours

Marina, Development Chemist

At Baxter, we believe that managers and employees share the responsibility to achieve a healthy blend of work and personal life. We are committed to providing equality of opportunity in employment for our employees and to developing work practices and policies that support work-life balance. We recognise that, in addition to helping employees balance their work and personal lives, flexible working can improve retention, employee morale and reduce absenteeism.

Thanks to Baxter’s Work Life Balance opportunity, my professional and personal life has benefitted greatly by offering me a work time flexibility that allows me to organise my working day in a way that best suits my family.

Adrian, Engineer