Healthcare Professional Relationships

Healthcare Professional Relationships

Baxter regularly works together with healthcare professionals starting from early scientific research and clinical trial programmes through to the use of medicines and devices in the patient pathway.

Many of the patients who are treated with Baxter products and services reap the benefits of the collaboration between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry through the development and appropriate use of innovative treatments that improve and extend life.

HCPs and pharmaceutical companies regularly work together, from early scientific research and clinical trial programmes to the use of medicines in the patient pathway. During the process, HCPs are appropriately reimbursed for their expertise.

Patients benefit from new concepts, treatments and treatment pathways that are often announced and discussed at congresses of learned bodies. We support selected congresses in line with our areas of expertise.

Baxter also provides grants to Irish healthcare organisations to support the purchasing of medical equipment, to contribute to the funding of staff posts where a clear need exists, to support research in which Baxter is not directly involved, and to support continuing education of staff. Grants must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Grants must enhance patient care or benefit the healthcare organisation and maintain patient care.
  • Grants will not be offered as an inducement to prescribe, supply, administer, recommend, buy or sell any Baxter product.
  • Baxter will have no control over the recipients of educational grants, scholarships and academic awards.
  • Grants are not provided to individuals for their personal benefit.

Baxter is committed to ensuring transparency in its relationships with HCPs and healthcare organisations. Under the provisions of the IPHA Code, payments to HCPs and healthcare organisations can now be found here.